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Qigong Instructional Videos

Deep Relaxation & Self-Healing

with Shirsha Marie

Set in magnificent Australian scenery, these 6 Instructional Videos provide an authentic experience of the healing power of Qigong. They contain a broad spectrum of traditional Qigong exercises that are easy to follow and suited to all ages and levels of fitness. These beautiful Qigong Videos represent 30 years of Shirsha’s dedication to personal development, health practices, martial arts, and meditation. Her teaching style springs from a depth of knowledge and experience which she transfers gracefully to the viewer.

All of the Qigong exercises in these Videos are demonstrated with precision and clear instruction. This renders them enjoyable and easy to follow, which is most important for an at-home practice.

The videos have been filmed and edited by Michael Balson. Michael is a gifted Australian film maker, with a career spanning over 45 years. Drawing on his rich artistic sensibility he has created an array of visual feasts that feature the intrinsic relationship between Qigong and the natural world. 
The background scenery comes from David Warth, Australia’s talented and accomplished documentary film maker who specialises in celebrating nature. In these videos, his superb footage of the Australian environment has provided the backdrop on which to highlight the beauty of Qigong practice.

The music for these videos has been selected from the collected works of Yantra De Vilder. Her delightful compositions are smooth and harmonious and sustain a positive and vibrant energy throughout. During these videos, Yantra’s exquisite music soothes the viewer into a peaceful state, enabling them to move with grace and ease through the exercises.

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