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a self-healing journey
Traditions that have healed and inspired for thousands of years

Welcome to the self-healing journey of Tai Chi-Qigong. In these empowering workshops I teach an authentic range of Tai Chi and Qigong training methods for mastering energy and enlivening body and mind. Come along and participate in a workshop of inspirational techniques that are pleasurable, easy to follow, and suited to all ages and levels of fitness.

You’ll learn internal strength building practices which include: grounding and centering techniques; postural alignment and relaxation skills; rhythmic flowing exercises; self-massage techniques; deep breathing methods, guided relaxation and meditation in movement.

Tai Chi-Qigong balances, transforms and regenerates the body and mind. Its techniques boost the immune system, calm the nervous system and help protect the body and mind from stress and disease. Tai Chi-Qigong practices provide effective tension release and promote deepened states of awareness and peace. Ultimately these systems cultivate respect and harmony with self and others and improve our experience of daily life.

Included is a complimentary Qigong DVD to assist with your ongoing practice and continue the healing experience of Tai Chi-Qigong in your daily life.

Life-force Workshop

Byron Bay


Heart of Qigong Workshop February 2020


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