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Qi Dynamics Workshop

Tai Chi • Qigong • Meditation
a self-healing journey

One Day Workshop on Sun 8th March 2020

Come along to deeply relaxing and rejuvenating weekend workshops of Tai Chi-Qigong techniques which build and balance energy in the 3 Dantien Centres – the head, heart and belly. You will learn how to find stillness at the centre of movement, with an alert mind, an energized body, and an open heart.

Workshops are presented in either a one or two day format, as follows:


In the morning of a one day workshop you’ll learn circular, flowing Tai Chi-Qigong exercises which develop harmony in life from a grounded, centred and relaxed place. In the afternoon you’ll learn standing and sitting style meditations which calm the mind, deepen awareness and build your internal reservoir of Qi energy.


The two day weekend workshops allow even more time for you to absorb the exquisite Tai Chi and Qigong meditation practices which enhance the moving exercises. These calming and restorative meditations include traditional standing, walking and sitting styles.

Within all of the smooth flowing Tai Chi-Qigong exercises you’ll be practicing alignment and deep relaxation, to activate your chi and circulate it smoothly throughout the whole body. You will also learn stronger Yang exercises alternated with the soft Yin forms to build a strong container for your increased energy and to regulate the nervous system.

On the first day there will be an emphasis on grounding and centering while harnessing lower body power to provide connection to earth chi. During the afternoon we will focus on opening and expanding the upper body to connect with heavenly chi.

On the second day, you will learn how to maintain awareness in movement which will include partner exercises to blend and harmonise with incoming forces. We will also practice meditations to differentiate thoughts, feelings and sensations within, which refines the witnessing aspect of the mind.

Throughout the weekend, a range of standing and walking meditations anchor awareness in the aligned postures of the moving body. You’ll also practice energy breathing in the forest, to absorb the beauty and Qi of nature. Practicing for a whole weekend is not tiring as the moving exercises are interwoven with the silent, still meditations. This combination restores the entire energy system and you will be replenished at the end. Also you can rest whenever suits, either sitting or lying down, whatever you need on the day.

Workshop Program

Day One Schedule

9:15 am arrive and settle in 12:30 pm Lunch
9:30 am Qigong Warm-Up & Self-Massage 1:30 pm White Crane Tai Chi-Qigong
10:30 am Qi Power Forms 2:30 pm Standing Qigong
11:00 am Teatime 3:00pm Forest Breathing – Walking meditation
11:30 am White Crane Tai Chi-Qigong 4:00 pm Silent Heart Meditation
12:15 noon Walking Meditation 5:00 pm Finish

Day Two Schedule

9:15 am arrive and settle in 01:00 pm Lunch
9:30 am Qigong Warm-Up & Qi Power 2:00 pm Thinking, Sensing, Feeling Meditation
10:30 am Qigong Standing Meditation 2:30 pm White Crane Tai Chi-Qigong
11:00 am Teatime 3:30 pm Forest Breathing – Walking meditation
11:30 am Tai Chi Push Hands Exercises 4:30 pm Silent Sufi Heart Meditation
12:30 pm Crane Breath Sitting Meditation 5:00 pm Finish

“I highly recommend Shirsha Marie’s Workshops for those captivated by the process of self–healing. I find Shirsha’s teaching style to be grounded, supportive and systematic. Immersing yourself in this safe and welcoming space is an opportunity to unfold layers and layers of wisdom.”

Don, Retired

Shirsha Marie is a Master teacher with expert knowledge in fields of health and martial arts which cultivate energy and deepen meditation. She delivers the subtleties of Tai Chi-Qigong with precision, insight and joy to make the learning experience fulfilling for everybody.

Date(s) - 08/03/2020
9:15 am - 5:00 pm


Sangsurya Byron Bay

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